Look What the Wind Blew In

  Tuesday, November 4, 2014 / Stephanie / News  

Welcome to Port Napoleon! This boat yard offers only the finest French scenery and food, and exquisite working space to meet all of our European touring...I mean boat refit needs. On the day we arrived, a mistral was howling through town. A mistral is a violent, cold, north-northwest wind that blows from southern France into the northern Mediterranean. The wind accelerates as it passes through the valley of the Rhone River (our exact location). Mistrals' sustained wind speeds range from 25mph to 62mph; and fortunately, mistrals are forecasted so you can plan your cruising around these awful gusty days. That afternoon we thought we'd be blown away! We'd wanted some exercise after our flight so we walked to Port Napoleon from town (approximately 1.75 miles). At Port Napoleon, the wind made such a racket as it blew through the rigging of hundreds of sailboats that we could hardly hear one another shout! We sought refuge at the Restaurant Josephine. The day's plan had been to acquire the keys to the boat. Simple! However, the broker was not available in his office that afternoon and so day one of our boat refit was a fail. There she was, sitting pretty, no longer for sale. We did stop at the Port Napoleon office to inform the yard of our arrival. There was no friendly receipt of us and no orientation to available facilities, such as we are accustomed from USA boat yards and marinas. We did confirm the shipping address (we have several parts/supplies to ship from the states) and we did obtain the wifi password. We returned to the Restaurant Josephine where we could connect to wifi and at least let our families and friends know we were safe and sound. We felt slightly defeated, and most exhausted on our blustery, upwind push back to town. Back at the apartment, a warm meal and some red wine would surely lift our spirits!

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  1. From Mark Morwood on Nov 05, 2014
    Apartment? Surely you are living in a tent under the boat for winter while you do work! :-) Very sorry you're not here with us in the Canaries, but you sound like you have another great adventure underway.