Which Heading, Captain?

  Friday, November 28, 2014 / Stephanie / Projects  

Which heading, Captain?  Uh oh!  We could hardly see any of the headings on Detour's compass!  Unfortunately, the compass had not been properly covered and therefore was badly sun-damaged. It was very difficulty to read the numbers. Brian and I rely on our compass to navigate and wanted a compass that we could actually read.  We carefully measured the current compass, the binnacle (compass base), and the pedestal to determine which new compass to order.  Our measurements determined, based on available compasses, that we'd order a compass and binnacle.  We placed the order for a Plastimo Olympic 135 and within a few days the new compass had arrived.  Great!  This was an installation that I could actually do!  I removed the old compass and set the new binnacle in place on the pedestal.  Good grief, is there such a thing as an easy installation?  The new binnacle was too small; despite our measurements the binnacle was too narrow to fit directly over the screw-holes!   Out with the new...in with the old!  I removed the old compass from the old binnacle and tried to place the new compass atop.  The new compass was slightly wider than the old binnacle.    Brian took out the dremel to modify the old binnacle.  With just a few rounds of lightly sanding the interior rim, the new compass finally fit inside!   After sanding the old binnacle and fitting the new compass atop (required Brian to also drill new screw holes into the old binnacle's top to secure the compass), we were finally ready to mount the compass onto the pedestal.  But just one more thing...the wiring for the compass light was not apparent as to which wire to attach where.  The color coding of the wiring system is not yet familiar to Brian, nor is it consistent throughout the boat.  Before the light could be wired, Brian had to check the existing wires to determine which was negative and which was positive.  Once the wiring is figured, the compass will be completely installed.  Until then, however, the compass will be waiting at it's newly fitted resting place on the pedestal.     And it will be covered and protected from the sun!