Standby...Another Detour Ahead

  Tuesday, June 9, 2015 / Stephanie / News  

Brian and I have much to share; Bruce and Kathy having visited, transiting through tunnels, and climbing mountains with Detour!  Yet, although we are landlocked in a first world country, we are very much signals are spotty and wifi seems nonexistent.  Sometimes this is the price we pay for taking the road less traveled!  We are still moving northward, and moving upward, and moving downward as we traverse the French Waterways; presently we are in the Vosges Canal experiencing the extremely scenic Lorraine region of France.  Our next "big city" will be the city of Nancy, where we hope there will be plenty of wifi, and also some cool sights to see!  In the meantime, "C'est la vie!"  When are aren't moving Detour through a lock (sometimes as many as 3 within 1-hour!) we're settled along the bank-side with plenty of baguette, fromage, and vin.