Nancy, France

  Monday, July 13, 2015 / Stephanie / Exploration  

In the past, I'd cautioned guests when planning their visits aboard S/Y Rode Trip, and now I continue my cautionary advice for guests when planning their visits aboard Detour, "You can pick your location, or you can pick your dates but you cannot pick both!"  Goodness, I wish I would have followed my own advice when Brian and I planned for our return to the states... Adhering to deadlines while cruising is nearly impossible, and at times can be dangerous (departing in less than ideal forecasts in order to, hopefully, make a deadline).  Cruisers' plans revolve around weather, maintenance, and happy hours.  However, Brian and I had ignored our own advice!  We'd estimated, based on miles to be traveled and number of locks, that by this time we'd be well into Holland; we'd not anticipated floods, lock closures, and of course our usual lingering in locations that we'd enjoyed exploring.  So here we were in Toul, France with pre-booked flights back to the states departing from Amsterdam, Holland.  Uh oh!  Detour would be safe and sound; but now for our own travel plans we had to get a bit creative.  From Toul, we were able to take a bus into the city of Nancy.  And so our venture began.  (We've been using a fabulous website called Rome2rio for planning ground transportation in Europe.)  Nancy, France is a UNESCO World Heritage site best known for the, "most beautiful, royal square in Europe."  Stanislas Square is an 18th century French, architectural masterpiece!Stanislas Leszczynski, an exiled king of Poland, became the Duke of Lorraine in 1773 and spearheaded the project to design a public square that would honor his son-in-law, Louis XV of France.  A bronze statue of Louis XV occupies the center of Stanislas Square.  Intricate iron-work adorns the square's buildings; iron gates are at each corner, two of which create backdrops for magnificent fountains.  The square's buildings include the Town Hall, Theatre-Opera House, Art Museum, and several gift shops and restaurants.  We admired the square, and ventured beyond into the city of Nancy. We'd spent one night in Nancy, then the venture to Amsterdam continued with an early morning bus departure.