Bye, bye Belgium

  Sunday, August 23, 2015 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Our final stop in Belgium was the city of Liege where, rather than go into the port, we found a quiet mooring place about 1-mile walk from downtown.  Liege was a bustling city!  In the photo below, an upstream view of the Meuse with the diver statue on the right marking the entrance to the port.  We wound our way through curvy streets and then, popped into a church that looked lovely.  The church was hosting an exposition, 5-Euros to enter, and rather then see the exhibition we gawked at the church's ceiling and then struck up a conversation with the girl collecting admission fees.  Thank you, very much admission girl at the church for welcoming us to Liege!  She was very friendly and we spoke for quite some time about our thoughts regarding the differences in culture we'd thus far experienced in Europe versus the United States.  The girl was curious, and shared even more tid-bits about foods to try and places to visit.  Her best tip, which made for a fantastic evening for us, was that of a local pub.  She proceeded to draw us a map for directions and write a list of Belgian beers that we ought to try.  Afterward, she'd suggested, we might like to try a very good ice cream which she added to the map.  Soon thereafter we found ourselves at Pot au Lait (Pot of Milk).Every inch of this funky pub was decorated, which generated much discussion pertaining to the "symbology" of the items (if you will).  We sipped on Belgian blondes; which have a distinct yeasty flavor to which we are not yet accustomed.  We tried Belgian cherries; shockingly delicious as they taste like a real, fruit cherry.    And in the end, we found ourselves at the best ice cream shop in town.