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  Friday, September 4, 2015 / Stephanie / News  

We chose to travel the Vecht River thanks to a tip from a Dutch couple who we'd met in Belgium; we'd selected it based on most direct route for our plans, little did we know at the time it is also one of the most scenic canals in Europe. Getting local information is often the best way to explore while traveling, paired with a bit of research we learn quite a bit about new places.  Here are a few fun facts about the Netherlands for us tourists from (and a few genuine travel photos from the Vecht River). 26% of the Netherlands lie below sea level.  In fact, if you've ever visited by air and arrived at Schiphol Airport you landed at 4-meters below sea level.  That makes our watery home practically a high-rise! The Netherlands has 1048 windmills and 108 watermills; we've spotted maybe 10, so more to come! One of these trees is statue, the other is a real tree (but maybe dead). Only 4% of the population work in agriculture, yet the Netherlands is the third-largest exporter of agricultural produce proceeded by the United States and France.  Yes, that is a tractor traveling via cable-ferry to cross the Maas River.  

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