Monday, June 20, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

We motored 52nm from Svanøy to the island of Selje.  The forecast had not exactly cooperated; despite any detours we took, the wind remained on our nose all day.  We cut through a fjord where spectacular heights towered over Detour.  We stopped for a quick fishing break and kept three small pollock for bait.  Brian began to wonder if pollock were the dominant fish here in Norway, but Jan continued to assure him that cod will be plentiful farther north.  The OCC fleet did a bit of a split, as boats found the most appropriate protection for the evening due to the strong north wind.  Detour anchored 'round the eastern side of Selje, where we found a patch of calm in the lee of a small, adjacent island. S/V Upshot S/V Iroquois Starter went on the Force10, after much troubleshooting we added matches to the grocery list. Selje was a restful stop!  We enjoyed a late morning breakfast aboard while we awaited the mid-day forecast.  The fleet was waiting on weather, a lull in the north wind to give us safe passage around Statt.  It was determined that we'd sail overnight, when the lull would enable everyone to continue northward despite the headwind and the seas would have calmed a bit to ease our comfort level.  Statt is an unprotected, treacherous patch of coastline that must be passed before ducking back into the islands for protection from the sea.  We puttered around Detour, doing small boat projects and sorting photos from the previous days' travels.  Once we had a departure time, we set out to explore Selje. Selje has a hiking trail which brought us around along the seaside to the northwest side of the island where the ruins of a monastery awaited.  Selje was one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations in Norway; read a bit of the island's history here, courtesy of Visit Norway.  We made a loop of our hike and took the return trail atop the island's summit.  After our exploration, we readied Detour for an offshore passage.  With Glenn's help, we were ready within an hour!  Dingy was put on deck, outboard stowed, stay sail rigged, jack lines secured... Brian and I prepared a hearty meal before we set out into the night.