Thursday, June 23, 2016 / Stephanie / Sailing  

It was smooth sailing around Statt, despite the swell and the headwind, the conditions had calmed enough for us to complete roughly 20nm of open coastline.  The point protrudes like a fist aiming straight at your nose!  Curled knuckles are formed by sloping cliff sides.  It was a motoring night, but our first experience of the lack of darkness during Norway's summer months.  The sun began to set well after 23:00.  The only darkness was a few hours of overcast twilight, soon after which sunrise began sometime around 02:00.  A dynamic range of blues colored our overnight sky.  Layers of mountains provided a backdrop of overlapping navy, purple, grey, and green rolling beneath the clouds and poking up through clouds where pointed peaks were highlighted with white strokes of snow.  I spotted a cruise ship on the AIS and pointed out to Glenn it's glow over the horizon. Once around Statt, we were treated to glassy calm waters and increased motoring speed as we navigated through a cluster of islands.  All was quiet.  Few ships passed.  Brian and Glenn took the opportunity to sleep while I kept watch en-route.  I was either too excited to sleep, or my internal clock was too confused by the lighting.  I was alert.  I snacked on cheese and crackers and hunkered beneath the dodger to keep my cheeks out of the brisk breeze.  Often I'd peek at the view, each time awestruck.