Alesund Welcomes OCC

  Monday, June 27, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Detour was the last boat of the fleet to arrive in Alesund.  I'll admit, we took a bit of a round'about way getting there because we thought we might spot puffins off the coast of an outlying island called Runde.  The puffins, apparently, did not receive the Arctic Rally overnight memo (it had been a change in schedule due to weather) and were nowhere to be found!  At 05:00, we approached the dock and were extremely grateful for the assistance we'd received.  Standing at the ready to catch our dock lines were fellow cruisers, Jan, and Mike, and the Ocean Cruising Club's (OCC) Port Captain in Alesund, Frank Cromer.  The rest of the fleet was tucked into bed; Frank had manned the reserved dock throughout all hours of the night and had welcomed each and every sailor!  He greeted Brian, Glenn, and I with hearty handshakes and a smile.  Such a warm welcome!  Then, he handed to us a gift basket and bid us goodnight.  Brian and I tidied the deck and promptly popped back into bed for a few hours rest. Alesund provided a fabulous stopover to tend to boat chores and to explore a beautiful city.  At the dock, Detour was was treated to a fresh water rinse, filled water tanks, and filled fridge from the grocery store.  Brian swapped our empty propane for a new tank.  Then, we walked the streets throughout the afternoon and admired the art neuveau architecture.  Musicians warmed up on the temporary stage that had been erected center-city for that night's music festival.  Glenn treated us to a harbour side lunch of fish and chips. Brian found a dive shop and browsed a bit then gathered some local info from the shop keeper, followed by spear gun selection.  Glenn and I played tourist and browsed downtown shops while singers and musicians continued to fill the streets with music from their warm-ups on the center-city stage.  Town was bustling!  A cruise ship was docked and the pleasure boat harbour was filled to the brim with boaters who arrived early for front row seats to the music festival.  We climbed the stairs for a fabulous view of Alesund before joining the OCC for a very important, beer'o'clock meeting that evening.