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Our newest crew member received a warm welcome at Rorvik with a hot meal (debatable whether he liked all the ingredients), a soft bed (on the couch due to crew overlap), a fresh shower (the following morning) and promise of the splendor of Norway.  Then, we told him to suit up into all of his warmest layers topped with rain gear (how else would you prepare for summer vacation?) and we set out motoring upwind in a steady drizzle.  Josh was ready for anything!The myth and magic of Norway first came to life during our twilight hike at Josh's first destination.  We'd anchored with the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Arctic Rally fleet at the island of Torget.  Torghatten, the mountain with a hole straight through the center, immediately brews wonder - what on earth could have caused such a phenomenon?  The hole is 520-ft long, 115-ft high, and 66-ft wide.  Scientifically, this may have been created by the movement of ice and water during the ice ages...but at 22:00 we set out to explore Torghatten with the real creation in mind.The legend (we've since learned several variations and so I will summarize) begins as all good legends do with a beautiful maiden bathing beneath the sun.  Lekamoya's beauty caught the eye of a hopeful suitor, possibly a troll or a giant.  The suitor rode briskly toward Lekamoya, fire of love burning in his heart, determined to steal her away.  The seven sisters, equally beautiful no doubt and all of course virgins who to keep things interesting by always remaining on high alert while bathing (with Lekamoya who seemed to be the only one unaware of her suitor's approach) fled with great haste.  The seven sisters threw themselves down to the ground to hide while Lekamoya continued to flee southward past them.  The suitor was angered by Lekamoya's flight and thought if he could not have her for himself then surely nobody else could have her at all!  He raised his bow and shot an arrow, aiming for Lekamoya.  The king of the mountains watched this pursuit, and seeing the suitor raise his bow the king of the mountains raised his hat and just as the suitor released the arrow the king flung his hat into the air to intercept the arrow and save Lekamoya from the deadly blow.  Meanwhile, the sun rose over the entire scene and being caught unaware the suitor was turned to stone in the dawn's light, as were the seven sisters and Lekamoya, just as the king's hat landed as the island of Torget with a hole having been pierced through the center by the suitor's arrow.

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  1. From Phil on Jul 12, 2016
    This is certainly a place where you have to bring your own friends