Arctic Rally Ends

  Monday, July 25, 2016 / Stephanie / News  

At Henningsvaer, we reunited with the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Arctic Rally fleet only to bid our farewells.  We'd like to thank Hovde Maritime for allowing the fleet use of their company canteen to house our farewell pot-luck.  The sailors would disperse, let loose in Norway!  M/Y Migration continued northward, the only participant of the Arctic Rally fleet who will venture to Svalbard this season.  S/Y Jenny, S/Y Detour, S/Y Albatross, S/Y Upshot, S/Y Silvertarnen and S/Y Beejolly lingered in the Lofoten, relishing in their farthest north explorations.  S/Y Skerryvore, S/Y Iroquois, and S/Y Quench were southbound to enjoy Norway’s coastline at a more leisurely pace.  A tremendous thank you to Jan and Eli and to all the Arctic Rally participants for making this cruise in company truly an adventure to be fondly remembered!Detour's first venture was off to dreamland, among the Lofoten skerries.  Brian and I selected a cozy nook where we could rest and regroup to prepare for our own Arctic expedition!


  1. From Stephanie Grandjean on Jul 28, 2016
    Hi Karin! We were not able to get the link for Newfoundland, but hopefully we can connect with you for that when we have wifi (not data). We are moving south in Norway, enjoying every moment! We are preparing to sail next to Scotland, and will meet Brian's father and a friend to transit the Caledonia Canal. Our long term plan is to cross the Atlantic this December...lots of miles and lots to see until then! Hope you are well :)

  2. From Karin Elzinga on Jul 25, 2016
    Hi guys, do you like the link for Newfoundland? What are your planes? Greeting Karen in Andijk