Fjords, Friends, & Fish - More Fish!

  Thursday, August 4, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Norway evokes the image of fjords, and the Lofoten islands are no exception as they present fjords both large and small.The Trollfjord was our northernmost destination at 68 21.83'N  014 57.90'E. The picturesque, tiny fishing harbor of the Nusfjord actually charges 50NOK admission during the summer for tourists to stroll the pier and snap that perfect, postcard photo.  We visited the Nusfjord from the comfort of our cockpit with coffee, biscuits, and zoom lens at the ready. Our world traveling buddies, Peter & Sari, reunited with us in the Lofoten islands and came aboard Detour for a few days of off-roading.  Peter & Sari travel by RV; having been connected by mutual cruising friends (we all sailed the Bahamas at the same time and didn't know it!) we first met in the Netherlands, then again in London, and now Norway!  We had an amazing, relaxing, catch-up during which we invented various culinary delights from fresh cod and pollock. At the island of Skrova, we toured a fascinating outdoor photography exhibit.  The photographs are permanently displayed outdoors in various locations covering a variety of topics by Norwegian photographers. Another dose of R&R for Brian and I while anchored behind Straumoya; just what we needed prior to venturing out through the Lofoten islands into the exposed side of the ocean.  We hoped to spot whales, but instead we found many sea birds and a few seals.  The fog chased us back through the cut to return to the sheltered side of the Lofoten islands. The fog wasn't quite making it over the mountain tops.  But just before returning, we thought, "why not," and dropped a line into the water. Gotcha!  While Brian unhooked a double cod catch from his hand line, both keepers, I dropped my hand line one last time just for kicks in about 150-ft of water and...snagged the LARGEST fish ever caught aboard Detour!  This monster was certainly a surprise, as after the initial hooking she didn't fight much (probably because I'd hauled her up so quickly from 150-ft that she threw up her stomach - gross!)  Brian's excellent assist managed to get the fish into the boat despite her not fitting into the net; the net sure looked big when it fished out Brian's two cod, but apparently not big enough for a real cod!  This cod was not officially weighed, but was easily 35-lbs (our guess of 35-40-lbs was unofficially confirmed by our friends, Jan and Eli, after taking a look at the head and teaching me how to cook approximately 4-lbs of roe found inside).  Of course since I'd caught the fish, I had to hold it - gross again!  First fish I've ever held (sure I can catch 'em but I've got dad, grandpa, and husband for the dirty work) and boy, it took all my muscle power!


  1. From Stephanie Grandjean on Aug 06, 2016
    Thanks, Kit! Hope you're having a fabulous summer sailing season!

  2. From Stephanie Grandjean on Aug 06, 2016
    Delicious too!

  3. From Kit on Aug 05, 2016
    Way to go, Stephanie!!!!

  4. From Ems on Aug 04, 2016
    Outstanding fish!!!!