Yachties, Hippies, and Steam Trains

  Thursday, October 27, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

We set a play date with friends in Devon, England and set sail; 73 nautical miles east along England's coastline (yup, going the wrong way yet again).  We had a fabulous, downwind sail on a sunny day fortunately with the current in our favor (planned) and picked up a blue, guest mooring that evening as the sun set at the Dart River at Dittisham. Next morning, we awoke to a beautiful backdrop of the lazy Dart River; boats moored throughout, green trees lining the riverbanks, and yet another infamous pub, the Ferry Boat Inn, calling our name from the shoreline.  Excitement brewed as we sipped our coffee.  We planned to surprise our friends, who would travel all morning via public transport (apparently it's nearly impossible to get to Dartmouth without a car, or boat), by docking Detour in Dartmouth for the day so our friends could take a tour of this watery home of which they'd only heard rumor of its existence.  We'd met Lynne and Rolf in Sweden; they were our gracious hosts at 68-degrees Bed & Breakfast during a January visit to Kiruna, Sweden where we certainly had NOT sailed!  Detour was docked at a guest pontoon, in sight of the bus stop (yes, I'd said they would travel by train...and also bus, nearly impossible!) where we met Lynne and Rolf.  We could hardly stop chattering once we had reunited with hearty hugs, and soon thereafter we had Lynne aboard Detour for a tour before we took to the streets of Dartmouth.  Rolf is not a huge fan of water, despite our reassurance that we'd recently had several guests who had all survived, the dinghy ride was a bit of-putting and Rolf watched on solid ground from afar.  Although, after our visit together we're relatively certain he'll come aboard at the next visit - wherever in the world that may be! Dartmouth's little boat harbour, low tide, surrounded by shopping streets, pubs, and cafes. We couldn't resist another fun day with Lynne and Rolf, so the next morning we ventured via dinghy all the way up the Dart River (6-miles of gorgeous!) to hop aboard a train from Totnes to Teignmouth. We could not have dreamt a more perfect day!  The sun shone brightly, and warmed us as we sipped coffee on the terrace of Lynne and Rolf's beautiful home which overlooks a fabulous view of the ocean - joking, of course, about how often we do have a fabulous view of the ocean, and couldn't they do any better than this!?  Downtown Teignmouth was bustling with people, and dogs, out to enjoy the unusual, October weather.  And no visit to Devon would be complete without a sing-along to American Folk music and a hearty portion of fish and chips!  We had to finally settle down with a few pints on the beach.  Teignmouth has it all!  Thanks to Lynne and Rolf for a great visit to Dartmouth and Teignmouth! Brian and I returned to Detour on the Dart River and waited a few days for a weather window. Of course we had time to squeeze in a hike, some provisioning, and several pints at the Ferry Boat Inn.  The weather fortunately arrived, and it was time to cross the English Channel and oh, what about that Bay of Biscay...