Indian River

  Thursday, April 13, 2017 / Stephanie / Exploration  

It's a lazy day in the Caribbean, just like the day we took a relaxing ride down the Indian River at Dominica.  Our guide, Alexis, painted us a lovely picture of the history of Dominica and the Carib Indians who lived on the Indian River.  The river is a protected area of Dominica's National Parks; no engines allowed!  The stillness of the river is amazing. Canopied by bloodroot trees which line the river's banks, this haven is home to an abundance of wildlife; birds, fishes, crabs, lizards, and crayfish to name a few that we easily spotted during an early morning tour.    Local Dominicans built this house in the traditional Carib fashion with traditional materials; it was built specifically for the filming of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Man's Chest.  This is the scene for Calypso's House. Alexis had a fantastic treat awaiting us upstream... A short hike to Alexis' family farm, where we had a fabulous lunch prepared by Alexis' brother; all fresh ingredients comprised a meal of fire-roasted breadfruit, salt fish, and salad.