Faial Highlights

  Thursday, August 30, 2018 / Stephanie / Exploration  

We began our Faial excursions on foot, venturing into the local marketplace in the city of Horta.  We found a small exhibition in the lobby of the tourist information center and admired the work of several local painters.  We browsed two shops specializing in Azores products from the "triangle" islands group of Pico, Faial, and Sao Jorge; wines, cheeses, beer, canned tuna, meats, and produce.  We made note of the locations of the butcher, bakery, gelato, locals' cafe, and pizza take-away.  Of course we located the hardware store, marine store, and MEO (data provider) store for all things essential.  There was a sports complex on the east side of the city; small beach, indoor pool, basketball court, soccer field, playground, and shaded trails 'round picnic tables and grills.  It seemed like we'd really moved in!  So we ventured a bit further on foot to see what else we could find before wheels became necessary to access Faial's highlights. overlooking Horta On the south end of town, passing Peter's Cafe Sport without a G&T to slow us down, we walked a well maintained trail from Porto Pim up, around Monte de Guia for great views of Horta's harbor and of the Caldeira do Inferno. Porto Pim beach In the view over Porto Pim, you can see several buildings.  The large, white building complex to the left of the photo is an old whaling factory.  The factory began operation in 1943 and continued to produce sperm whale oil and bonemeal until 1974.  It has been renovated, and now used for cultural and educational purposes.  The smaller, white and yellow buildings to the right of the photo were the previous home of the Dabney family, settled in 1806.  John Bass Dabney was the appointed Consul General of the United States to the Azores, and his family was originally from Boston, Mass.  The Dabney residence is now a museum.  Above the Dabney house, you can see a restored vineyard on the hillside and a small church atop Monte de Guia. Caldeira do Inferno A rental scooter (€25/day) provided our transportation for a self-guided island tour. Castelo Branco - result of a coastal volcanic eruption 300-thousand years ago; a nature reserve home to Cory's Shearwaters, Common Terns, Roseate Terns, and Barolo Shearwaters.  Capelinhos Lighthouse - now useless, due to a volcanic eruption 60-years ago which extended the coastline beyond the lighthouse; impressive Geosite. Baia da Ribeira das Cabras