The Delivery

  Tuesday, July 20, 2010 / Brian / Uncategorized  

It didn't take long to put together a crew to help deliver Sphinx which is a good thing because she had to be picked up in two weeks. My Dad, Paul and Jake and I made up the rowdy crew. So here are the new first time visitors.
Dad aka BruceJake

The trip went smoothly, with the exception of running diesel tank for the engine dry in the middle of the gulf of maine, and more exciting conditions than we had counted on. We saw several beautiful sunrises, and two pods of dolphins.
The trip lasted from Wednesday June 16th, through Sunday June 20th. It was amazing to feel the heat coming off shore when we finally approached Portsmouth. After clearing through customs and greeting Stephanie and Kath on the dock we headed home where there was a fantastic lobster feast prepared for us.