Winterization in Progress

  Tuesday, October 19, 2010 / Brian / Uncategorized  

Stephanie and I have been fighting to have enough daylight after work to finish up the winterization of the engine.  We got a good start on Sunday and managed to do a good amount of the winterizing tasks. 

Here is what we accomplished!

  1. Changed the oil 
  2. Changed the oil filter 
  3. Drained the old engine coolant, flushed with water and filled with new coolant 
  4. Changed the fuel filters 
  5. Filled plumbing for the head with antifreeze 
Here's what didn't get done
  1. Emptying of the water tank 
  2. Filling the raw water intake for the engine with antifreeze.  This really is a problem, and is currently taking up a lot of time.   The engine would not start after I changed the fuel filter.  After searching the internet tonight, and a more careful read of the shop manual, I think I was missing a step in the process of priming the engine with fuel. 
We have been taking items off the boat, trying to get it emptied out so that we can identify what we are going to do to help make the boat more comfortable.