Organization and Refinishing

  Saturday, November 20, 2010 / Brian / Uncategorized  

Stephanie has been hard at work and removed almost everything that isn't firmly attached to the boat.  It now resides mostly in our garage, and a little in the basement.  Now we have no excuse to not start documenting what we actually have.   If you are actually curious as to what came with the boat the full list is here.  This is still a work in progress as I haven't made it through too much of the pile yet.   Most of the drawers from the boat as well as many cabinet doors have been removed, so they can be stripped and refinished.

Here is one pile that is currently in our garage 

Our current sail inventory consists of......

All the sails appear to be in good to very good condition.  So far we have only used a couple of them, and we've been happy with their performance.  

Stephanie was busy starting on the woodwork while I was documenting and measuring sails.  Here she is removing the old varnish from some of the cabinet doors.  


  1. From Brian on Nov 22, 2010
    So far we are just prepping the wood. It appears that most of the trim work is teak, so we are considering just oiling it for the future.

  2. From Bruce G on Nov 22, 2010
    What are you going to use to refinish the wood?