Tucker's Move

  Friday, June 15, 2012 / Stephanie / family  

Tucker and I have been together through the best of times and some of the worst; college parties, all-nighters, crazy roommates, moves, traumatic falls, friends, dogs, husbands...wait, just one husband but Tucker and Brian would agree that this relationship is still evolving.

Tucker is 10 years old now, and unfortunately he did not want to partake in sailing adventures. He really doesn't like the heat, is not fond of water, and prefers wide open spaces for exploring. Tucker dreamed of returning to his native Andes Mountains for his senior years, but squandered most of his savings on those college parties.

While planning to sail, we thought of all the friends we had met through the years and with whom Tucker had really made a good connection. We found a perfect match! John, Chrissy, and Marley welcomed Tucker into their family.

Brian and I helped Tucker with his move to Philadelphia. We visited Aunt Christy and Uncle Steve on the way.

Christy and Steve shared pictures and stories from their honeymoon in the Galapagos. Tucker liked the penguins best, Brian liked the hawks and marine iguanas, and I liked the sea lions and tortoises. We got a tour of the port where we'll anchor one day, and recommendations for guides, tours, and beaches.

On the way to Philly, we passed through Honesdale and had a nice lunch with Sally, Bruce, Kathy, and Grandma.

Tucker settled into his new home rather quickly. John and Chrissy gave us a tour of their remodeled row house, and then a tour of Manayunk. It was a much overdue visit, and great to reconnect! We bid Tucker farewell, knowing he and John, Chrissy, and Marley were anxious to get to know one another. Thanks so much to our friends!