Jewell Island, Maine to 5 Islands, Maine via Seguin Island

  Saturday, June 30, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

This morning (6/29) we arose early to try to make a big jump down the coast. Before we could leave though we had a couple of projects that needed to be completed. We have been having some problems with the battery that we use to run all of our cabin niceties. Fortunately we had a spare and we dug it out and swapped the new battery into the engine room. Even after eating breakfast and installing the new battery we were still able to haul up the anchor at 0730. We used our anchor windlass for the first time, after I couldn't just pull the anchor out of the sticky mud on the bottom of Cocktail Cove. Maybe that is what the guide book meant when they said some people just can't bring themselves to leave..... A short motor around the north end of the island and then we raised sail. We then proceeded to sit in essentially the same place for the next hour.....but we were underway. Eventually the wind built in and we headed down the coast. In order to allow our new battery to charge via the solar panel we left the chartplotter off today and used the paper charts while taking visual sights on many of the available aids to navigation. After rounding Cape Small we headed for the inside of Seguin Island. This may have been a mistake. At first everything was going well, the wind was behind us, and we were making good time. A little while later the waves were getting larger and we were starting to bang around a little bit. We decided that it would be a good idea to stop and check out the lighthouse on Sequin Island, we had heard that it was definitely worth a stop. Here is the lighthouse about the time we decided to head over for a visit.

The current then continued to build and we were soon sailing almost as fast as we could just to stay in the same spot. A quick 1 hour sail ended up taking us over 3 hours through confused seas (waves from multiple directions) to reach Seguin Island. The first mate did a fantastic job of steering in these difficult conditions.

We cut between Seguin Island and Ellingwood rock, and headed into the cove. This is by far the smallest and least sheltered place we have stopped so far. There were waves breaking inside the cove! We ended up on a mooring near an Outward Bound boat.

After a wonderful time on Seguin we headed up the Sheepscot river for 5 Island Harbor. We sailed with the current for about an hour and then as the tide changed we decided to fire up the diesel and motor the remaining 3 miles into the harbor. We arrived to find a wonderful little harbor that seems to be packed full of boats. Shortly after we arrived a thunderstorm passed just north of us. Glad it missed us!

A successful day of sailing!


  1. From stephanie on Jul 02, 2012
    Emailed you! Good job tracking me down!

  2. From Martha Curtis on Jul 01, 2012
    Hey! Are you guys ready for visitors? I've left a message just about everywhere because I don't know what the best way to get in touch with you guys is right now, haha. Anyway, we are coming up to visit this weekend, the wedding is on July 8th. We need to come home on Monday so we were thinking of visiting you before the wedding, if that is ok with you. We will probably leave very early on Friday morning and join up with you, wherever you are. Just trying to plan on when and where we will find you and if we need to book a place to stay, not sure how much room there is for all of us. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon so that we can make plans. You can e-mail me or respond to the facebook message or something. Can't wait to see you! Martha