Five Islands to Linekin Bay

  Sunday, July 1, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

Yesterday we took a short sail around Southport Island to get out of the Sheepscot river and into the Boothbay Harbor region. As we expected we ran into a lot of chop getting out of the Sheepscot river, but the wind was good and a close reach brought us just around the lighthouse at "The Cuckolds", the rocks at the end of Southport Island.

After rounding "The Cuckolds" we headed downwind, giving us an opportunity to sail "wing on wing". This means that we had one sail flying on each side of Rode Trip.

It only works when there is enough wind, and you need to head in exactly the same direction as the wind. It turned out that was the situation we were dealing with so we flew wing on wing right into Linekin Harbor. Just past the Cuckolds, we spotted two dolphins and watched them swiftly swim away. We anchored in Linekin Bay next to Emme, a fellow Seven Seas Cruising Association vessel.


  1. From stephanie on Jul 02, 2012
    HOORAY!! Don't worry, no foul smells just yet. Thanks for receiving that for us. Have a great trip to Wisconsin and enjoy the family! We'll catch up along our travels... Did some researching with the 'Whale Watchers' guide today and think we might be seeing porpoises, not dolphins. We'll have to get some local knowledge. Berk would have LOVED the puffins!

  2. From Newington, NH on Jul 02, 2012
    We just got back from a canoeing/camping trip in Errol, NH---paddling around the Androscoggin and swimming at Lake Umbagog---spotted 3 bull moose---we got back to a lovely package addressed to the Grandjeans---hold out just a little longer Stephanie, the bathroom fan has arrived :) Can't say enough about how awesome the blog is! See you sometime after we get back from Wisconsin.