Long Cove at Tenants Harbor July 1, 2012

  Wednesday, July 4, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Long Cove was quiet and peaceful. We anchored for the night among lobster boats and took in the sighs of evergreen tree lined islands surrounding the cove.

This was a quiet night at home. I turned on the radio and chose one of the two stations, both boasting that they had the "greatest hits from yesterday to today." Fortunately one of those was a 'Frank FM' channel playing a double set weekend of classic rock. We heard the 5:00 news, nothing earth shattering, and listened to the local weather. We both noted that the local weather included tides, winds, and wave height something we weren't accustomed to hearing in a land radio weather report. This was helpful because we had no internet connection to check our weather aps. The local commercials were appealing too. "Can you imagine sleeping on a new mattress tonight for $220!?!" And for an auto dealership, "We'll take any trade cars, trucks, even weber grills!" Fascinating! The tunes played on while Brian worked on a sewing project, the mosquito netting for the main hatch, and I knitted. In between we made supper; low on fixin's so PB&J on fresh sourdough bread was on the menu. Believe it or not this was actually the first opportunity to do a "leisure" activity as we are still adjusting to boat chores, never-ending projects, and of course sailing and navigating. Not that any of that is difficult, just that I thought we would have sooooo much free time to read, knit, watch movies, etc. Everything on the boat takes longer than it would in a house. Sometimes I feel like a live add for Planet Fitness because I 'take things out and put them away.' But our belongings have mostly found homes and everything stows nicely when we are underway. Things like filling the water jug for the day take time because the faucet doesn't just turn on, it has to be pumped...and I thought I'd be strong from sailing, all this water pumping is great for bicep/triceps curls! Washing dishes is a daunting task for me because I always seem to run out of water and am then deciding whether to start pumping or just grab a bucket of saltwater. Either will work, saltwater rinses still feel slippery but the dishes are clean. There is daily sweeping the floors, shaking out the rugs, hanging dishtowels on deck to dry. As Brian clearly described, "It's like living in the mudroom of your house." And so, a quiet night at home! We preplanned our next sail to Southwest Harbor and then off to bed for an early morning start.


  1. From stephanie on Jul 05, 2012
    Glad you are enjoying!

  2. From Amanda on Jul 05, 2012
    I am loving this! I LOL with the planet fitness comment, you guys make me smile :) Safe Sailing!!

  3. From Marilyn M on Jul 05, 2012
    Hi Brian and Stephanie! I am a friend of Ceil's and am SO enjoying your blog. I look forward to reading it each and every day; I am living vicariously through your adventures I think. Just wanted to say I am taking notes on all of your Bar Harbor adventures because my husband and I are leaving this Saturday to drive up there for a week. Will look forward now to finding the Finback Alehouse. Thanks! LOL