Friends in Bar Harbor July 6-7, 2012

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We had a short dinghy paddle (short YAY!) to the guest dock at Bar Harbor and checked with the harbor master to be sure we were in a good place. Waiting for us in the lawn just beyond the docks were Martha and Kyle; they had taken quite a detour along their travels from PA to NH for a family wedding they would attend on Sunday. There was a lot to see and do for Martha and Kyle's visit, so we started by popping in and out of some downtown shops. It didn't take long to find entertainment while we chatted to catch up on each other's summer plans.

We stopped for a tasty sampling at Bar Harbor Brewing. The stout was favored and topped off with a blueberry wheat made for a yummy "black and blue."

Brian and I suggested we explore the tide pools at Otter Cliffs. Kyle drove us into Acadia National Park in style behind the wheel of the Camero. We were a bit early for low tide, but still had success finding sea stars, snails, and crabs.

And fascinating Maine Bolts that were scattered among the rocks. They didn't startle easily so I got a good close-up. We're guessing they are or were part of a marine research project.

Stylin' along the national park loop we headed to Cadillac Mountain. Once at the top, we took a chilly stroll and Brian narrated the views we could see. Below is Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain.

We joined Martha and Kyle to check in at their hotel on our way back into town for supper. The vote is still out for our final interpretation of this hotel sign.

After a nice dinner at the Side Street Cafe, we sampled the famed lobster ice cream at the local sweets shop. Mmmm...buttery! Then we met Ryan and Jocelyn for one last hoorah before vacation ends.

We awoke bright and early on Saturday morning to meet Martha and Kyle for breakfast at Jeannie's Great Maine Breakfast. Jeannie wasn't kiddin' breakfast was great! Afterward we took another ride in the Camero to the trailhead for the Beehive Trail. We had the whole trail to ourselves and it was lovely! We bid our farewells afterward back in Bar Harbor. Martha loaded us up with her home-canned jams, peaches, pickles, and tomatoes. Thanks! We're already looking forward to tasting those. Safe home, hope to see you again soon!

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  1. From Ann Landau on Jul 09, 2012
    I enjoy every post the two of you make....such an array of creatures you have seen and held...and all those dining spots and your friends sound like fun. I hope your foot is better, Stephanie!