Southwest Harbor to Mistake Island Harbor

  Wednesday, July 11, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

We had a great sail out of Southwest Harbor, and as we passed the Cranberry Islands we decided to turn left and so we headed downeast. We set our sights on the end of Schoodic Point and took out the trusty cruising guide to find out what we could expect. According to the guides we should expect rugged wild areas where we could imagine that we were at the end of the world. We decided that the end of the world sounded quite desolate, and promptly called our mothers to tell them not to worry if they didn't hear from us for the next several days. The wind was coming out of the west, so we had a great downwind sail past the Petit Manan lighthouse. This area is highly prone to fog, but we had fantastic visibility as we sailed past. We then made a very slight right and made a straight run towards Moose Peak Light on the end of Mistake Island. The trip was quite uneventful until the wind died just before we reached the harbor. We passed close by the Moose Peak light and headed in towards the harbor. You can see the route posted on our track log. [Link updated by admin] The sun was starting to get low as we motored through Main Channel Way and cast the lighthouse as a silhouette against the rugged Maine horizon. The geology looked a little different and the rocks much more worn as we headed into our harbor. One of the rocks/little islands that formed the western side of our harbor was home to entire seal colony. We counted at least 36 seals all on one rock! We got our anchor set quickly as the sun began turning the sky to a beautiful pink color.