Swans Island, ME July 16, 2012

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We didn't venture ashore at Swans Island. After sleeping in a bit since we had been up much past our bedtime watching the squid and seal phenomena, we had some "household" things to tend. We paid bills...apparently they still find you even when you live on a boat...and finally took a closer look at our budget. Brian found an app that we can use to plug-in our expenses, and so we totaled July thus far and decided we really should head back to work. Just KIDDING! The engine wanted some attention. It told us with a significant drop in oil pressure en route to Swans Island. Brian had done some troubleshooting, and began the thorough investigation by changing the oil. Thanks to our Offshore Emergency Medicine course, we had just the tool for pumping out the oil. After the cheap, drill pump didn't do the trick it was 60cc syringe to rescue!

I busied myself knitting. While not underway, I had some time to make progress on my current project without getting a headache.

Late in the afternoon, the fog had cleared enough for us to make way for our Isle au Haut. It was refreshing to see Swans Island on our way out since it was fogged in during our arrival.

We motored out of Mackarel Cove, into the York Narrows, and into Jericho Bay. We set the sails in Jericho Bay and slowly the wind built in for a smooth, downwind sail. The bay was clear but fog was chasing us from all directions. As we neared Isle au Haut, the islands began to disappear into the fog and we were uncomfortable navigating through rocks and small islands to our intended destination. We tucked in for the night at Merchant Island; found good holding but a rolly anchorage. With a poor view and chilly, damp air we settled in for an early dinner and played some games to pass the time. Thanks to Michele for last evening's entertainment; Frogs in the Pond and Rummy!

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  1. From Ann Landau on Jul 18, 2012
    What does a 'good holding but a rolly anchorage' mean? Love learning new words! (My iPad kept trying to 'correct' the spelling of 'rolly' to 'folly'....:-)) I like increasing my iPad's vocabulary ..... Your posts are great, both of you.....be well...all the best PS: Mom gene talking ....do you have to replace the medical supplies or were there extras?