Sightseeing Rockland, July 25-26, 2012

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Brian and I have agreed that waiting for our engine part in Rockland was the best thing that could have happened to get us to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the people and scenery for a while. Rode Trip is really getting into "ship" shape and after daily projects are completed we've had plenty of time to explore the nearby sights. We're really starting to appreciate this lifestyle. On Wednesday, we took an opportunity to tour the Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center during the summer evening hours. We admired some beautiful artwork while learning about famous artists and why they so enjoyed Maine as their backdrop. In the Wyeth Center we really enjoyed riding upstairs in the elevator. After touring the Farnsworth, we took an evening paddle across the harbor to reconnect with our friends aboard SV Por Dos. We were thrilled to have run into the crew at Hamilton Marine earlier in the day and were invited aboard for our first cruiser to cruiser visit. Mark and Marta introduced us to their sons, Alec and Roan. We stayed late into the evening enjoying great conversation about places traveled, underway stories, repairs, upgrades, etc. Great fun! On Thursday afternoon we toured the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum, which we have passed each day on our walk from the public boat ramp into town. We took our time walking through the exhibits and reading the history behind the engines, tools, sails, schooners, lobstering, arctic tours, local lime many things! I took this photo of a wooden band saw - thought dad would appreciate the craftsmanship and that shipbuilders didn't let any lack of metal slow them down! The volunteer at the front desk shared with us his own exhibit, the pilot house, which had been created to demonstrate all of the navigational equipment used in the pilot house of a boat. Much of the equipment was from the 1970's and even our seasoned captain hadn't seen a Loran system prior to this museum visit. The volunteer was very knowledgeable having worked on and installed much of this equipment when it was new. He explained how the depth sounders worked, he showed us the real radar and explained which section of the harbor it was currently scanning, and explained how the Loran B could communicate with a machine that would chart your course over time. Neat! This volunteer was born in Friendship, ME and was proud to say that after moving to Rockland, ME at age 11 he could finally call himself a "native" of Rockland fast approaching 78-years old. His advise to this young couple, having just moved into a much smaller space, was "communicate." We'll work on that while paddling the circles... We lended our "young" ears to another volunteer who was looking for a reported air leak in the whistle line-up. I was able to hear bubbles moving about from his previous soapsuds test and located the leak. He then showed us to the "real exhibit" construction of a Friendship Sloop. He took Brian and I into the barn and showed us all around the in-progress sloop which had been donated and explained how they are traditionally building the boat and hope to use it for tours to demonstrate how these sloops were used by lobsterman. Too bad we hadn't found this on Monday! Brian was very interested in the boatbuilding process. Maybe we'll just stay in Rockland a bit longer... Then Dennis joined us in the barn while gaping at the sloop and we all started to chat about who we are and why we are in Rockland. The volunteer and Dennis shared favored anchorages in the area and swapped sailing stories. Since Dennis was actually working at the museum, he offered us a tour of the Rekord, where he was headed to make some repairs. The Rekord is a Norwegian ferry/fjord touring boat that was built in 1914. Dennis shared the history and showed us a most impressive semi-diesel engine, the original, that powers Rekord. So much to learn and so many experienced, enthusiastic people to teach! We had a fabulous afternoon at the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum. At the end of our visit I was just glad to finally learn why we refer to Rode Trip as "she." Clearly, I am the only lady aboard this ship! To end a great Thursday, we strolled over to the docks and dined like kings after our visit to Knight's Marine. Mmmm! Fresh lobstas, crabs, and all the fixins, delish!


  1. From stephanie on Jul 28, 2012
    Hope to soon add John and Tilly to our adventures as we are heading south.

  2. From stephanie on Jul 28, 2012
    We LOVE visitors! We'll throw in an extra lobsta for you!

  3. From Ann Landau on Jul 28, 2012
    What a wonderful trip you are having! And when are you serving dinner tonight? We might get there in time! ....Love the explanation of why a boat is called 'she'....

  4. From Marianne and Peter on Jul 28, 2012
    Really enjoying all the details. We envy your adventures.