Kayaking Adventure, August 6, 2012

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Guest Author, Alexandra Today we went for a kayaking adventure on Prompton Lake, PA.  Sally, Aunt Mimi, Kathy, Brian, Stephanie and I all explored the waters.

As we paddled along we saw huge patches of water lily flowers and lily pads.  The flowers smelled like grass.  As I floated through the patches I realized some of the pads were different sizes.  The dragonflies seemed to be attracted to the lilies.  Some dragonflies were orange and some were blue.

We saw other beautiful flowers on the shoreline.

As well as beautiful things, we also saw some strange and smelly things.  Brian spotted a glob floating on the surface of the water.  When we got close to inspect the glob it looked like a clump of jelly.  Brian said it was fish eggs.  Even though I'm not fond of fish I thought that was pretty cool.  Sally found a mussel floating near the fish eggs.  We had a close-up of a live mussel as we passed it from kayak to kayak. We paddled to the end of the lake and started up the creek.  At the end of the lake we saw blue herons and white egrets.  There were tree swallows flying all over.  For a while we paddled through the shallow water until we came to a rapid and then got out of our kayaks.  We looked through the rocks and mud for critters.  Brian then caught a crawfish.  It kinda looked like a mini lobster, a good portion size for a baby.  At first I was skeptical about picking it up but then I hiked up my skirt and picked up the crawfish by its tail.  The crawfish felt like a soft rock that you could press. Aunt Mimi found a toad and Kathy picked it up for a closer look.  Every time he breathed in and out his throat went in and out.  The toad felt rough and bumpy.  He looked like he had pimples all over his body, get him some acne cream! Looking into the water we saw skater bugs, they look like they glide across the water.  We saw minnows, basically small fish.  Also we picked out some awesome rocks. As we headed back the views on the lake looked the same.  When we got back on shore we all felt worn out.  Back at the house we refreshed with showers, ointment for our paddling blisters, and hearty food.

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  1. From Sally on Aug 08, 2012
    Alexandra, What a great writer you are! It was a great day and you captured it so well. Sally