Cape Cod Canal, August 16, 2012

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We had an early morning start today at 6:15am. Just after hauling up the anchor we were able to set sail in a steady 5-10 knot wind which took us around Long Point. We then headed a course of 240 degrees (magnetic) all the way across Cape Cod Bay. I volunteered to take the first shift. Brian went back to sleep. The morning skyline was lovely and I was treated to a rainbow midway. Four hours later I woke the captain as we neared the Cape Cod Canal. We took sails down to motor through the canal and Brian took the helm. Captains always get the glorious shifts. After a look back at our GPS track, it seems to have taken about 40 minutes to traverse the 7 miles of canal. Rode Trip reached record breaking speeds with the help of the current within the canal; under motor 10 knots (current providing 4 knots). This was my first ever canal, so I of course documented the experience as we went through. Here's a view of the entrance from starboard and directly forward. We went under three bridges. I enjoyed getting snapshots of the mast going under the bridges from all different angles on deck. Bridge #1: Sagamore

Canal view

Bridge #2: Bourne

Bridge #3: Gray Gables This bridge connects train tracks. It is generally in the UP position to let vessels through since the tracks are infrequently used.

Here is an artist's rendition of Rode Trip going through the canal.

Exiting the canal, we continued in the deep water of the Hog Island Channel. You can see below that the channel is clearly marked just like a roadway through the water.

We passed the Maritime Academy near the canal's exit/entrance.

At the end of Hog Island Channel we set sail to cross Buzzard's Bay. We took a short cut through the Woods Hole Passage. This was also marked like a roadway on the water, but a bit more confusing. Motoring again due to a strong current, but Brian handled it with ease. Thank goodness we had all that practice in the thorofares of Maine! There were some modest homes near the entrance to Woods Hole Passage.

Larger vessels have right of way in these narrow, rocky passages.

Just 'round the corner was Woods Hole.

Gotta have advertising in a beach town.

These funky dock houses were interesting.

Through Woods Hole Passage we set sail for a smooth downwind stretch to Vineyard Haven Harbor where we settled for the night.

To Brian's amazement, and topping off a fabulous day, I took interest in swimming! I really needed a refresher and thought just maybe the water was finally the right temperature...this was debatable as it turns out it was a bit chilly. But I made it in and swam for a bit. I even jumped off the side of the boat! Brian was wondering where his real wife had gone and who had replaced her!

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  1. From Donna Hamill on Aug 17, 2012
    I love following your journey! What a grand adventure to share. Thank you! Safe travels....