Fairlee Creek to Annapolis, MD - September 25-27, 2012

  Thursday, September 27, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

After beating against the wind all day on Tuesday, we decided to not beat ourselves up by traveling farther down the bay and headed into Fairlee Creek for the evening. We motored cautiously through the narrow entrance to the creek, just past Jellyfish Joel's Tiki Bar (unfortunately closed for the season), and tucked around the hook just into Fairlee Creek. We had a beautiful view and solid holding with good protection from the southerly winds.

On Wednesday, we awoke bright and early (thanks, nagging alarm clock!) and headed back into the bay. Another southerly wind day with 15-20 knot winds and 3-5 foot seas. We started off the day with one reef in the main and the stay sail (after being knocked down having too much sail with the genoa). Back and forth we tacked. As the day progressed, the wind quieted but continued to come from the wrong direction. We criss-crossed the main shipping channel for hours and hours before arriving at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was quite a sight, sprawling across the bay. No worries about clearance here! We passed underneath, only two tacks to get through, and spotted Annapolis straight ahead.

We entered Annapolis via the Severn River. We had a nice view of the Naval Academy to our port.

And to our starboard, as we've noted on occasion at other waterfronts, modest homes.

We settled into Weems Creek for the night on a Navy mooring ball. Finally all those taxes paying off! We were thrilled to know our neighbors, Serendipity. Matt & Jess came aboard for fishing lessons. Brian was jealous of Matt's new crab trap, but Matt was eager to learn the survival skill of crabbing (we're all a bit low on provisions at present time). While we chatted in the cockpit, the boys took to leaning over the side to coax the crabs into the trap...unfortunately, we didn't get any dinner to go with our beers and trail mix. But we'll keep trying!

We eagerly anticipated the arrival of Bruce & Kathy, who would make this their first overnight visit to Rode Trip. We parked right in our friend, Brian's "BMac," backyard (or creek if you will). We were able to dinghy to the dock at BMac's apartment complex. It was a calm, beautiful night and we particularly enjoyed the phosphorescence given by the jellyfish we bumped along the way. BMac welcomed us into his home and we caught up on life while we Bruce & Kathy made their way along the roadways. Thanks to BMac for his hospitality and parking space! We'll be setting sail with BMac next week...fun times to come! Bruce & Kathy enjoyed their sleep in the calm creek. We awoke, and this time didn't have a leisurely breakfast. Instead we cleaned up, ate quickly, and made way to set sail! We sailed out into the Chesapeake Bay with light to nearly non-existent northerly winds. This was Kathy's favorite type of sailing! We enjoyed the sunset and the views. We're now en-route to Berryville, VA to celebrate Jake & Katie's BIG day! Rode Trip is in an undisclosed location and being carefully guarded!


  1. From Kathy on Oct 03, 2012
    Happy 3rd Anniversary to the most adventurous couple ever! Have a happy day! Love, MOM

  2. From Mark on Sep 27, 2012
    Missed you again. We anchored off Annapolis this afternoon! Hopefully see you next week when you get back.