Winner, Winner, Crab Dinner!

  Saturday, October 6, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

I took a stroll to the end of Weems Creek with my kayak. It was a sunny afternoon and I enjoyed spotting wildlife; herons, ducks, turtles, snakes (ewe), and jellyfish. But I was really on a mission to find the crabs' secret lair. (They must have a lair because we sure weren't finding them in the open creek.)

I returned to the boat with good news, I found the crabs!! I excitedly told Brian that the crabs were scuttling along the walls of the bridges. We hastily cleaned up from project mode - successful completion of the motor mount for the new outboard engine - and loaded up the dinghy with the fishing net, a bucket, the crab trap, line, and chicken bones. We dinghied over to Serendipity to steal Matt & Jess away from their projects for an afternoon of crabbing! I must pause to give Brian credit for this good work while I was leisurely kayaking. The motor mount works, as does the wooden kill switch stopper that Brian fashioned after we lost our safety lanyard.

...back to EXCITED FUN CRABBING! Brian & Matt took the dinghy to the swing bridge while Jess & I followed close behind in the kayaks. Sure enough, they spotted the crabs and got to catching. They were able to sweep the crabs right off the wall!

We can only keep crabs that are 5 1/4 inches and male. All smaller and female had to be returned to the water. Our first keeper!

The guys moved onto the larger bridge after combing the swing bride for over an hour. Jess & I lovingly deemed "the peanut gallery" chatted away, explored, and provided moral support to our crabbing men. crabs! Grand total: 21 Blue Crabs - 1 Softshell Crab

It's gonna be hot in my big, silver pot!