Washington DC Sightseeing, Day 2 - October 18, 2012

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It took several snooze cycles on the 'ol alarm to rouse us on Thursday morning after our 2:00am play date with Serendipity. After breakfast, we freshened up with showers at the Capital Yacht Club. Then, back onto the streets of DC! Our first stop was the African Art Museum which received great reviews from our cruising friend Mark M. We really enjoyed the artwork and the highlighted exhibit "African Cosmos." We weaved through the galleries until we found ourselves in Asia!? We had walked into the Freer Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian located directly across from the African Art Museum and connected underground! We didn't even try to navigate back. We exited the Freer Gallery and re-entered the African Art Museum from the outside, main entrance.

We headed toward downtown to get ourselves out of the museum district for some more sightseeing. We passed by the White House.

Near the Ellipse was our highly sought after Boy Scout Monument.

Yes, what you are seeing is a young boy with two scantily clad, totally jacked, god-like figures. Hilarity! Obviously nobody consulted the boys prior to erecting this statue (on second thought...), one of whom was not thrilled that this was his representation and that his wife was now knee-slap laughing out loud in the middle of the park! Brian did point out the interpretation which was etched into the sidewalk.

He then reluctantly stepped up for a photo. We are proud of our Eagle Scout!

Next, the National Geographic Museum. With all these FREE museums in Washington DC, why on earth would we cough up $8/person?? Well we did because we were curious what National Geographic had to offer and have always enjoyed their photography and stories. As it turns out, this was a bust because they had three free galleries of photography, "Weather" "Desert Air" and photos taken by refugee children in a photography camp. Our admission fee only accessed one exhibit so we did take our time learning about "1001 Inventions: The Golden Age of Muslim Civilization." So many 9th century inventors had created our modern day conveniences. The first man to attempt flight, surgical tools, calculating time, harnessing wind energy, chemical scents, celestial navigation, and the list goes on and on. Brian was a champ at this interactive game, flapping his arms to keep the man on the screen flying.

Take a close look at this photo displayed in the "Weather" exhibit. You'll see much destruction after a hurricane. But notice the pick-up truck in the pool, sunken powerboat, and the sailboat still standing upright at its dock. Who's worried about big, bad storms now? We still are!

All museumed-out we took in the view from atop the bell tower in The Old Post Office.

The bells.

The Washington Monument

The Capital building

The mighty Potomac River

The Treasury building - White House just behind

We then meandered toward China Town to find ourselves some supper. A bowl of noodles sounded very good after a long day of walking! By crazy random happenstance we stumbled upon a farmers' market. Hooray! We found a pumpkin that was just the right size for our oven and now can make a pumpkin stuffed with everything good! This will be a delicious Halloween treat!

After supper we were feeling the buzz of the city as we walked back darkened streets toward the harbor. Back at Rode Trip our day wasn't quite through. We packed up our laundry bag and computer and returned to the Capital Yacht Club for a fun-filled evening of chores! We took advantage of the club's bar to sample the Port City Porter made in Alexandria, VA. It was very good, but since it was on our tab and we never actually asked the price of a pint we each enjoyed our one beer for the night. At 10:00pm our chores were done and we were tucking ourselves into bed anxious for many visitors during the coming weekend!

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  1. From Joy M Hollister on Oct 28, 2012
    Wwe just had dinner with Brian's parents and the Millers in Honesdale, PA. Heard about your blog. Awesome! We wish you well on your trip. Stay safe during Sandy. Joy and Tom Hollister