Octoberfest Dinner Party - October 25, 2012

  Wednesday, October 31, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We had the perfect opportunity on Thursday, while everyone was in the same location, to invite our friends for an evening of food, drink, and good company. Now I'm not one to brag, but entertaining is one of our specialties! Our friends know spending time with the Grandjeans is bound to result in FUN! We've of course had bon voyage, sleepovers, made breakfasts, had pizza parties, played games...ok so we have entertained aboard Rode Trip. But this time we were cooking dinner, like good 'ol homestyle dinner, and were very excited to share our Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good! Brian and I puttered around the boat that morning and completed our chores. We ordered several supplies to be delivered at cousin Maggie's during our stopover in Beaufort, NC. Then we went ashore to complete our checklist of supplies at Napa and groceries for this evening. On our way back to the boat we found more friends, Sanity Check, docked at the Deltaville Marina. Fantastic! We went over for a visit with Tony and Judy. We had met Sanity Check in Cuttyhunk, MA then again found one another at Point Judith, RI. They had been at the marina for nearly a month due to repairs. It was great to catch up! Back at home Brian and I shifted into entertain mode. Brian created a marinade, I chopped, grated, and cleaned dishes. We set out drinks; today's special Hurricanes and Dark & Stormies. The pumpkin went into the oven and Brian took the dinghy to pick up Scott and Kim. Hooray for friends! Rode Trip was soon alive with chatter and laughter with Scott, Kim, Matt, and Jessica. We started off with pumpkin seeds and Matt and Jess's chips and hummus. Drinks poured; Dark and Stormies were delicious as was Scott and Kim's Apple Pie Moonshine. Once again we were entertained by stories of Scott and Kim's adventures aboard Anthyllide. We shared photos from our costumed Santacon and Halloween adventures in NYC. Matt and Jess shared pop-culture updates for those of us behind the times with TV, music, etc. Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin and mesquite chicken. We devoured Kim's brownies as the night progressed. We all discussed the impending hurricane and sought out the best location to hunker down. Scott and Kim are not happy to be on the hard through the storm, we hope all goes smoothly at the boat yard. Come 1:00am we had to say farewell and everyone headed home. So much fun! Can't wait for more good times to come!