Goat Island to Elizabeth City - November 3, 2012

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We planned an early start for our 6 mile motor to Elizabeth City. We wanted to slip into the free dockage offered at Mariner's Wharf and thought it best to arrive early just as the previous night's boats were departing. Goat Island showed us a beautiful send-off. This was our coldest morning yet. There was frost on the main sail cover!

We continued along the Pasquotank River. Serendipity called ahead to request bridges open so that we could pass.

Plenty of room at Mariner's Wharf! Welcome to Elizabeth City, the Harbor of Hospitality! Mariner's Wharf has 14 free slips available to transients first come first serve. The wharf is also the location for the Rose Buddies traditional wine and cheese parties at the docks. This tradition began in 1983 when two men, Fred Fearing and Joseph Kramer II, decided to host a welcome gathering for traveling mariners. Joseph clipped rose buds from his own bushes to give First Mates and Fred provided refreshments. The welcome gatherings continue at the wharf, funded by the generosity of these now departed men. We docked the boats and started off exploring.

Just ashore near the docks was a farmers' market. We walked through to see what North Carolina farmers had to offer. The produce looked fresh and delicious! Too bad we had plenty of food, we didn't get anything for fear we couldn't eat it before it would spoil

Matt and Jess had packages awaiting them at the local post office so we headed in that direction first. On the way, they couldn't resist a Hardee's breakfast sandwich...mmmm! Receiving the packages was like Christmas had come early! Matt and Jess got some equipment they had ordered along with care packages from home. All sorts of goodies! We broke down all the boxes and packed everything into our backpacks for the walk back. Brian and I stopped at an Ace Hardware on the way back and checked peat moss off our provisions list.

This next stop was an interesting find. I guess similar to the Fastener Warehouse, if they don't have it you don't need it! The guys found a deal for fishing lures that they later split between themselves. Brian found a casting rod.

We had lunch at our boats and put away our newly acquired goodies. That afternoon we went to the Museum of the Albemarle. This museum was free and displayed a history of the area, history of the impact of the Civil War on the area, history of the Coast Guard, and a photography display of children working in textile mills. We enjoyed the exhibits and found some interesting things.

A rebuilt farmhouse; you can see the original wood and structure on the left corner. This house had been moved and carefully reassembled, then built with materials that would have been originally used.

Distilling equipment for moonshine.

A "Permanent Wave Machine" this took some investigating but Brian and I finally realized that this was for hair for a perm. Looks a bit scarier than today's trip to the salon!

Rescue basket used by the Coast Guard; bit small, doesn't look comfortable. We'll avoid may-day situations!

Our last stop in the museum was the Discovery Room. So fun!

When we exited the museum we found that a local car club had arrived sporting their antique Fords. All were in exceptional condition.

We ventured into town but found most businesses were closed. Strange for a Saturday. Several other storefronts were vacant and/or run down. We did peruse the book store; Brian in search of the Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing (he's currently memorizing Matt's copy) and I in search of a good knitting reference book (when I need a refresher on a stitch). We'll likely add both of these to our provisions checklist and let the internet do the finding. The weather never really warmed throughout the day. Back at the boats the gals worked on blogging and the guys busied themselves with small projects. Brain refreshed our hatch a bit so that it slides easier. He also sorted his entire tackle box, much overdue, and rigged his new rod. The fishing equipment checklist is nearly complete. While at Ace Hardware, Brian got an ice pick to kill fish with one jab through the head. A recently ordered pole spear is en-route to Beaufort where we'll pick it up at Maggie's. (Thanks for letting us ship to your address and holding packages for us...our own Christmas coming as soon as we arrive!) Brian fired up the stove for some warmth after dinner. Matt and Jess came by and we did some planning during our own wine and cheese party; no sign of the famed Rose Buddies. Jess and I swapped photos - this was incredibly stressful because we've recently upgraded the iPad and of course nothing works as it should. We didn't want to upgrade but we never get the choice because the looming iCloud syncs automatically at wifi signals. UGH!! Then when I try to sync photos iPad doesn't show on iTunes and of course it won't accept the straight-up photos via our card reader. Pardon my ranting, I am very fortunate to have an iPad and grateful that it does so many things to keep us connected with the world. But geeze these upgrades never make things better! I'm still hoping they'll fix the Wordpress app so that I can upload more than one photo at a time like the good 'ol days. After LOTS of planning and one very amusing walk to the mailbox, it was bedtime. We took full advantage of our additional Daylight Savings hour but won't be happy in the morning when we have a 6:30am start.


  1. From Sally on Nov 10, 2012
    Sorry Guys, I didn't realize the mailing address was such an important one. I think you have to spell things out for me next time. Hopefully there will be another before Christmas that we can ship things to. Start generating your lists! Love, Mom

  2. From Emily on Nov 07, 2012
    WAHAHAHAHAHA I love those pictures. Please always wear a hoop skirt.