Campbell Creek to Oriental, NC - November 6, 2012

  Friday, November 9, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We had a short 26-mile trip planned for today so we did not have to wake at the crack of dawn. The alarm did not sound to wake Brian and I, so at 7:04am I popped out of the boat in my PJ's to tell Serendipity that we were awake and hastily getting ready for our 7:00am departure. We quickly put on our layers and went through our routine to get going. Anchors were up by 7:20am and we were headed out of the creek. Just at the last channel markers, the 'ol Perkins sputtered to a stop. Hmmm...I was making coffee down below and Brian gave a shout, "Have to drop the anchor, engine shut off!" The anchor was back down just at the mouth of Campbell Creek. I looked up at Brian, still in the cockpit, and asked, "This may be a stupid question, but did you turn the fuel back on this morning? We were in a hurry." This was not a stupid question. Brian checked the fuel valve first and indeed the fuel was shut off from the engine. Oh good, soon to be back in business. Brian gave a shout to Serendipity that we were ok and found the issue. He then bled the lines to get the fuel flowing once again. start. Bled the lines a second go. Brian was thinking fast and this was miraculous considering he had been awake for merely a half hour and hadn't had a sip, not even a whiff of coffee yet. Someone had once told him that spraying WD40 into the air intake would work. We couldn't quite get the straw up into the air intake so Brian had me spray WD40 directly into the crank case while he revved the engine. Eureka! It started! We took our place in line once again on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), Goose Creek canal.

Under our only bridge of the day.

Had our engine not shut off resulting in one unplanned stop already this morning, we would have pulled into this dock for what looked like might have been the freshest seafood on the waterway.

While motoring in the canal I greased the main sail track. The previous day I had to really haul on the halyard and use the winch handle to raise the sail because it was not sliding up easily. A little grease goes a long way!

We exited the Goose Creek canal into the Bay River where we were able to set sail. All morning long we heard reports of gale force winds in the North Carolina waters today. We thought the wind was blowing about 25-knots. Rode Trip can handle that! We set the main and genoa and maintained 6-6.5 knots of speed down the Bay River. Serendipity was able to sail along with us under the power of their head sail. There would be no need for the whomper today, but we did do our Geronimo dance as we sailed along together. (References from the movie Wind.)

By mid-day we had reached Oriental, NC. It was just beginning to rain as we took the sails down to motor into the harbor. The anchorage behind the breakwater didn't have quite enough room for us, so we chose a spot just in front of the bridge outside of the harbor. Brian and I weren't thrilled we'd have a rocky night's sleep with little protection from the wind. But the anchor set and we felt the holding was good. Matt and Jess swung by with their dinghy to venture into town. In Oriental we found a marine consignment shop. This entertained us for quite a while as we sorted through other people's junk looking for a good buy. Brian and I didn't find anything that we truly needed. We chatted with the shop owner and he gave us a good tip about nearby restaurant The Silos. It turns out the restaurant has a buy one get one pizza deal on Tuesdays and open mic night on Wednesdays. We headed in that direction. At The Silos we sampled some new beer on tap. Brian really enjoyed the Sweetwater 420 pale ale and I enjoyed the Sweet Josie brown ale. We ordered two pizzas to share with Matt and Jess for our lunch/supper. Mmmm...fresh, hot, pizza!! What a treat! We had a nice chat with a cruising couple from Toronto, CA aboard Sunkissed. They were also soaking up the warmth of the restaurant before making the rainy walk back to our cold boats.

On our way back to the boats we stopped at The Bean; a coffee shop with wifi. While enjoying coffee and ice cream Brian and I were able to check off our wifi necessary to-do list. Then we headed home for the night. Back aboard the boat, Brian stoked the diesel stove to take the chill out of the air before we climbed into the v-berth. No alarm tomorrow, we wake whenever we wake. Hooray!