Rest and Relaxation - November 13, 2012

  Tuesday, November 20, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I had been running on full steam since we arrived in Beaufort, NC. Now that we had decided to sail on Wednesday we thought today would be best spent at home. So we awoke without an alarm sounding, had a long breakfast, and puttered around the boat prepping for our ocean passage. Brian repaired the mast step that had snapped off, he checked our suspected leaking propane lines for the leak, and tried to adjust the idle screw on the engine. The propane leak may be in the stove since it was not detected along Brian's expertly plumbed lines. We always shut the propane on and off at the tanks. The idle screw on the engine was stripped so even with various wrenches no adjustment was made for fear more harm than good would result. All the while I cleaned inside, continued to move around newly stowed items, and then did some overdue blogging. Brian took out his cast net for some practice once chores were done. The technique is coming along, but hopefully he'll find more than this baby flounder.

Mark S. had spent the day in Beaufort also preparing for Wednesday's travels when he would head home. We got together for an early dinner in town. As we were preparing to leave the restaurant, Brian spotted yet another new bird. Mark S. was able to identify this black capped night heron for us. The heron made the same awful noise that his relative herons make, and he squawked and retreated when we tried to get a closer look. We've really enjoyed Mark's visit! Thanks for good laughs, new birds added to our bird watching list, delicious food, and for also giving us an upgrade for our handheld radio (this will hopefully increase my eavesdropping capabilities by miles!) After saying farewell to Mark S., Brian and I received word from Maggie that she was making her way home and hadn't traveled today for work as she had intended. We met Maggie in town for a few drinks. Mmm, delicious microbrews! When we were all feeling warm enough to brave the elements and dinghy home, Maggie had one farewell treat. She took us to the local coffee shop and got us a Beauford Chocolate Bar, dark chocolate with sea salt. Best chocolate we've had in months! I promised to ration this treat...we still have some left! Thanks for a fun visit, Maggie! We enjoyed your new boat home and were thrilled you braved the mud for pony sightings! Big day tomorrow, back out into the open ocean!


  1. From stephanie on Nov 22, 2012
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Candace! We're celebrating in St Mary's GA with the cruising crowd...very interesting!

  2. From Dennis on Nov 21, 2012
    Have a safe passage and a happy Thanksgiving!