Mud River, GA - November 16-17, 2012

  Thursday, November 22, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Mud River looked like something we should be kayaking through. I was amazed that there was enough water for Rode Trip between the narrow, muddy, grassy banks. Brian motored through keeping a close eye on the charts and depth sounder (which has been working lately, thank goodness!) Once again tides were a factor in our navigation; 9-foot tides in this area according to Active Captain notes. To our port were mud flats, evidence of approaching low tide. Since we don't have good cell service for our iPad apps we refer to the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book 2012 for our tide/current data when needed. Thank goodness for 'ol fashioned nav tools!

Anchored. Stopped. No bouncing, no bobbing, no moving. Ok, well there was some spinning from the current and at high tide we really had no wind protection because we were anchored smack in a marshland.

We had rest from the turbulent ocean and that was relief to me and my knotted stomach. I had been terribly seasick during our rough passage. I had been in and out of consciousness, vomited, not eaten for roughly 30-hours...Brian would stop me here and say I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. At some time on Thursday evening when the seas calmed Brian made chicken soup out of thin air and it was the most delicious food I had ever eaten! I also had a coca cola during my 12am-3am shift earlier that same morning. Coca cola cures hangovers, it cures dehydrated/exhausted feeling after a very long run, and of course it was a good remedy for seasickness. Tonight, anchored safely in Mud River, we dined on pork chops and collards. We endured our most challenging passage at sea and that was good cause to open our WTF Beer (from Sunny & Berkley, thanks a billion because it was not only tastefully delicious but just what the doctor ordered for our winding down).

I changed into my PJ's, hadn't removed any clothing since we left on Wednesday so it was very nice to get the tight fitting layers off! And we went to sleep with very fully bellies and warm cheeks, still on the settee which was warm and dry. On Saturday we awoke late in the morning. Still anchored, the wind was rocking us all around in Mud River. It was chilly outside - UGH! We're farther south by complete happenstance and it's still cold, what gives!?! No sun, a dreary day. Brian and I put the shelves back together again, washed the floors, shook the rugs, and broke down the v-berth so that the sheets could dry. We checked our leaky places for water and washed/dried these trouble spots. We hung out what we could with a zillion clothes pins so nothing would blow away. We called our family to let them know we were safe. We called Anthyllide to compare notes on our ocean ventures. We watched "When Harry Met Sally." We took a nap. It was a wonderful day. Brian cooked his prized tuna for dinner on Saturday evening. It was delicious! We had about 3-lbs of tuna fish in the cooler adding two hearty meals to our food stores. I pulled in the sheets from the deck and remade the v-berth so that we could stretch out and sleep in comfort. We settled in for another movie before bed and slept. We'll move on again tomorrow, back onto the magenta line.