Home Cookin' and Sundowning on Rode Trip - January 13, 2013

  Sunday, January 20, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

A visit with Serendipity wouldn't be complete without a home cooked meal and sundown cocktails aboard Rode Trip. We have a knack for big closers, and this was our evening to kick back and relax before we would all part again. Brian and I had plans to head into the great blue yonder and Matt and Jess were hastily managing boat repairs. Brian ferried Matt and Jess to Rode Trip in the dinghy. Jess jovially opened her backpack, "look what I found for you guys!" she exclaimed. From out of the pack came a six-pack of Red Hook Longhammer IPA. MMMMMMmmmmm. And in CANS! We passed around the brews and got to chatting. Meanwhile, I had offered to cut Matt's hair. Not that I was commenting on his latest fashion statement, but it seemed overdue and I have a handy pair of clippers for just this occasion. Jess shared that Matt's last haircut was during our crossing the Delaware Bay. This seemed more than fitting. Brian headed inside to prepare a chicken curry while Matt, Jess, and I headed to the bow of the boat a.k.a. barber shop. (Jess has a few great pics of the stylist at work.) From below, Brian's curry creation was smelling fabulous. Up on deck, Matt was sporting his new hair-do. Our backdrop of St. Augustine didn't disappoint with a very colorful sunset. Ahhh...this is when cruisers really enjoy cruising.

We enjoyed our dinner in the cockpit. Matt and Jess approved! Brian shared his recipe with Jess, who I think will add curry powder to her next grocery list. Shortly thereafter we headed below for a sweet treat. Matt and Jess had brought along Big House Pink, a fruity, blush wine, they'd been saving for this sort of bon voyage occasion. They are always pulling out celebratory wines that turn the evening into an event. I admire their will power! We spend a long night aboard Rode Trip sharing new stories and laughing so hard we could hardly stay in our seats! Cheers - to reuniting (again) in the sunny Bahamas!

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  1. From Jessica on Jan 21, 2013
    Stephanie, you are so sweet! I'm really going to miss out time hanging out together. You may be out of the Bahamas by the time we get there, but we'll find you somewhere down the island chain!