Party at the Beach Club

  Thursday, January 31, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

The Beach Club is "just up the road a'ways" from the marina. On Friday the marina was buzzing about a party at the Beach Club. The restaurant typically serves breakfast, lunch, and yet to be determined the best rum punch in the Berry Islands (we've heard Flo's may actually have the best rum punch but only taste will tell). On occasion the Beach Club opens in the evening to serve up dinner with a side of DJ. The marina arranged transportation for cruisers who wanted to attend. And so we stayed "just one more night" so that we could enjoy the festivities. Our driver arrived promptly at 7:00pm; he was actually the owner of the Beach Club who in addition to transporting cruisers and owning a restaurant was also bar tending and waiting tables. The Beach Club was bustling with a full bar and several full tables. Brian and I spotted our friend, Andrea, dining with her family and said hello. Our group from the marina found a table that would accommodate us all. Once comfortable we ordered drinks and dinner. Tonight's menu surf & turf. Brian ordered ribs and I chose the fish.

What a wonderful evening! We had three generations of cruisers together, sharing our stories and experiences with one another. Here's our rowdy bunch: Jim, Nancy, Jon, and Arline

As the night progressed we moved toward the bonfire on the beach.

So much fun and so far the best rum punch we've had in the Bahamas!