Inquiring Minds Want to Know, What about those Hawse Pipes?

  Friday, February 1, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Well it's not all fun and games around here, you know. We are still working on various projects to maintain Rode Trip and keep the boat feeling comfortable. In fact, during our passage to the Bahamas the topping lift broke. And then once docked at Great Harbor Cay Marina the engine wouldn't shut off. So we make it to paradise with a brand new to-do list. These were both easy fixes, actually, for our handyman. Brian replaced the shackle on the topping lift and tightened the shut off control cable on the engine. Phew! But what about those hawse pipes? I certainly don't want to leave you hanging, realizing that this project was in progress since our Rockland, ME days. We had brainstormed and researched, picked the brains of several other handy cruisers, and still hadn't found a good replacement solution. Finally while we were in Washington, DC we found the answer by way of talking with two masterminds, Steve (my dad) and Bob (my uncle). They were looking at the hawse pipes with Brian and determined, "Why don't you just take them out and turn them? Then the good sides will be on the bottom and they can begin the next 30-years of wear and tear." Genius! So this is what our handyman did. On the starboard side the hawse pipe was removed and came out all in one piece - the first relief. The top side of the hawse pipe was in fair condition, and the bottom where dock lines and anchor snubbers had run for 30-years was chipping away to bits. So Brian simply turned the hawse pipe so top became bottom and vise versa. He then added a significant amount of polysulfide sealant while reinstalling the pipe. No leaks! Dry v-berth makes a very happy first mate! The port side hawse pipe needed a bit more love. Again we followed the recommendation of our masterminds who upon inspecting this more cracked pipe determined, "You can braze that, it'll close it right up." Genius! So out came the port side hawse pipe, again to our handyman's relief in one piece. Brian used brazing rod and got to work sealing together the cracks.

The finished piece was then sanded. Although it didn't look pretty, it was an inexpensive solution.

Again a significant amount of polysulfide sealant was applied and the port side hawse pipe was as good as new!

Now my pillows and sheets are staying dry no matter how many waves we take on during rough passages. Nice to have a cozy berth at the end of a long trip!

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  1. From Mark on Feb 01, 2013
    Excellent solution. It's funny how it can take so long to see a simple solution to these nagging problems. I have a number of tasks still on my todo list that I'm hoping will turn out well eventually - I'm assuming I just haven't seen the solution yet, but it is out there somewhere.