Volleyball Beach

  Wednesday, February 27, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Volleyball Beach seemed to be a happenin' place; on VHF during the daily Georgetown Net we'd heard a variety of activities planned here. So after our chores were done (getting propane, water, and groceries) we made our way toward Volleyball Beach. From our current anchorage, we dinghied to the beach. We followed the shoreline along the beach, wading in and out of the water, toward the mid-section of Stocking Island where the famed Chat n'Chill Bar and Volleyball Beach are located. Of course along the way we were easily distracted by this short trail.

Leading to Turtle Lagoon; one of the three hurricane holes on Stocking Island.

We continued back at the shoreline and just around the next corner we found Volleyball Beach.

There are daily volleyball games held at the three, sand volleyball courts just beyond the picnic tables. The Chat n'Chill Bar has a variety of cold drinks. They also have a Conch Shack where a fresh conch salad will be made right before your eyes ($10). It was downtime during our visit to the beach. At 2:30pm, the 2:00pm volleyball games hadn't yet started; teams were just beginning to form and more dinghies seemed to be arriving at the beach. Chat n'Chill was quiet and there were a few children swimming along the beach. Of course we didn't plan to actually arrive during one of those fun activities we'd heard on the Net...but that's how it goes. We paused to take a closer look at the signpost. We've come quite a distance from Newburyport, MA Rode Trip's 'ol winter stomping ground.

With much more exploring to do and little activity at the beach, we decided to see what else Stocking Island had to offer. On our walk back we were greeted by two very friendly stingrays. They had been casing the discarded conch shells near the Conch Shack. These rays were very used to people and were just as curious of Brian's feet as he was of their wings.