Storm Clouds Can't Rain on Our Vacation - as told by Kathy & Bruce

  Wednesday, March 13, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Two frontal systems were forecast to arrive right along with our visitors. Written by Guest Bloggers, Kathy & Bruce, their account of riding out stormy seas aboard Rode Trip. Preparation for the 12 mile passage to Cambridge Cay was accomplished quickly and efficiently as we had a small window of time before the "blow" at 1PM and we needed to be snuggled in by then. I watched in pure amazement as Brian and Stephanie went to work. Bruce, comfortable with the boat, helped pull anchor and raise the genoa. My job was to stay out of the way and I promised myself I would stay quiet. A huge black cloud in the distance forced me to break my silence. Brian calmly explained that we had time as the "blow" was coming at 1pm. Well guess what, it came early and as the sky opened, I was handed a red rain jacket with a lime green hood. The surf rose almost as quickly as my anxiety. The other passengers seemed unfazed while I braced myself in the cockpit, grabbed Brian's thigh and closed my eyes.

Multiple tacks and howling wind made this passage quite an adventure. Brian used many methods of distraction pointing out flying fish that I never saw! Bruce came and sat with me awhile but his shivering body did not reassure me as I began to worry about him. That worry didn't last too long because a wind gust caused Brian to call out, "Steph, put a second reef in the main, NOW!" The main sail had torn a seam! No questions asked she left what she was doing and immediately took care of the main sail! Wow, she is good! What should have been a quick sail ended up being 3 hours long! We maneuvered through a shallow coral cut and within time we set anchor. We hoped for some peace but no, the wind, the current and all sorts of fancy sailor talk boiled down to it is going to be a rock and roll night! Once dry, warm and lying flat I was able to keep from getting sick but alas no dinner for me tonight. I was comfortable just listening to the chatter and I knew I needed to be awake to sing Happy Birthday to Brian! Brian's heary, self-cooked birthday dinner alongside Kath's tummy-settling, candied ginger.