The Coral Garden at Cambridge Cay

  Friday, March 15, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Once again, Brian and I braved the "COLD" for some exploring during Bruce and Kathy's visit to Rode Trip. The sun was shining today, but the persistent north - northwest winds continued throughout the day. One of the activities we looked forward to at the Exuma Land and Sea Park was snorkeling. Fortunately, the Coral Garden located on the Sound side of the cay was well protected from the wind. And so we headed out to explore. Bruce, Brian, and I jumped into the water after we suited up in wetsuits. When we had our fill, Kathy chose the drier route. She put on a mask and looked over the side of the dinghy while Brian steered us down the reef with the current. It was beautiful!


  1. From stephanie on Mar 17, 2013
    Hi Phyllis. Thank you very much for your offer to bring supplies! We received some goodies recently when Brian's parents and brother visited Rode Trip. I think it may be very difficult to meet at this point as we are making plans to exit the Bahamas and move onward. I so appreciate you thinking of us! Brian's grandmother is Cecile Grandjean, maybe someone else you've encountered through embroidery and sewing? She keeps a close eye on us through the blog and I know some of her friends are following as well. I wish you the best for your own ventures!

  2. From Grandma on Mar 16, 2013
    Bruce told me to notice the note left on the blog by Phyllis. She has it right about the embroidery board. The world is getting smaller, isn't it? I'm glad I mentioned you to her when they were talking about going to live on their boat again. I told her to wave if she ever saw Rode Trip. The blog is better.

  3. From Phyllis Pardee on Mar 15, 2013
    Hi and thanks for all the blog updates! I love following your posts! We are back in North Lake Worth after having had to satisfy insurance requirements and have our rigging replaced on Oh,My!. Plans are to leave here on Monday very early in the morning to go outside to Miami and wait for another weather window to take us over to Gun Key. We rented a car for the weekend to visit my husband's cousin near Hillsboro Beach,Fl and to do any last minute provisioning. I thought I should offer to bring anything you might need over from the if there is something and we can meet up somewhere please say the word! I have a blog on Sailblog and can't seem to get a better handle on it for pictures and such without having to create an album each time.....I love the way you post several pictures on each daily post....was your blog hard to set up and who do you use? You don't know me.....I am friends with Martha Elmore Parker through my embroidery and sewing hobbies and I think your husband is her grandson? I am pretty sure that's where I got the link to your blog.f Hoping to meet you in person some day.....and keep posting pictures and information....we are going where you have been! LOL Phyllis and Bill Pardee