Compass Cay with the 'Rents

  Monday, March 18, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I wanted to share one of our favored stops in the Exumas, Compass Cay. We left Rode Trip safely moored and dinghied from Cambridge Cay across the cut to Compass. We'd brought along our hiking shoes and a light lunch. Notes from our fabulous day from Guest Bloggers, Kathy & Bruce: So much to see today, coral gardens, mamouth starfish, Rachel's Bubble Bath and shell hunting galore. Brian introduced Bruce to the new sport of speed snorkeling by towing him behind the dinghy in order to scan the bottom for conch. It turned out this also involved swallowing copious amounts of saltwater and Brian hadn't actually done it himself yet. After bath night we hiked back up to the bluff in search of a rare Bahamian geocache and enjoyed a bottle of wine, provided by Glenn, while we watched the sun set. Fishing was a bust so Brian cooked curried chicken, even when we lose we win here! At the beach we transformed from snorkelers to hikers, then made our way toward Rachel's Bubble Bath. We found new sea friends in the tide pools. Here are the Road Trippers, still figuring it out! Beautiful views from the top of Compass We found new friends in the sand too, and many treasures.

After a break for lunch...

...the guys were back in the water on the lookout for dinner. A too small conch and a rock topped with hermit crabs were the only prospects. Brian did find a magnificent starfish.

We dinghied back to Cambridge Cay. It was a wild dinghy ride against the wind and currents, simulating white water rafting. This vacation offers everything! We needed some refreshing before heading ashore for the sunset. That evening we shared in a beautiful sunset with an extra special, delicious, hand crafted, exported wine. (Thanks, Glenn!)


  1. From Sally on Mar 18, 2013
    Love that sea glass. Hope you saved some. What is the thing that looks like a spider, some sort of starfish? Dad and I found a hidden face in the picture of the stingray. I can feel the relaxation after a busy day in that last picture. Like sitting around the camp fire at night.

  2. From mary tallent on Mar 18, 2013
    Recongized Kathleen's handiwork in the sand. Clara loved the starfish. I liked the empty shell with the corkscrew on top!