Farewell, Merlady

  Friday, March 29, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Stopping once again at Darby Island, Brian and I introduced Mark to the mermaid. The guys played a duet on the piano to bid her farewell.

Time for fishing!

Ahhhh...I'm ready!

The guys snorkeled between Little Darby Island and Darby Island in search of conch. No luck. They did see two turtles, one starfish, and one very large stingray. They returned to the coral patch where Brian had scouted a school of schoolmasters (in a previous post we thought these were yellow-tailed snappers, but decidedly they are schoolmasters). Fish for dinner tonight!

Mark had his first lesson at fileting fish.

At Darby Island we shared a very special bottle of wine. Mark gave us this 2005 bottle of French wine on our wedding day and it was well worth the wait!


  1. From Brian on Apr 02, 2013
    Glad to hear that the Portsmouth Power Squadron is doing well! Stephanie and I have been so glad that we took the navigation classes prior to our departure. The classes have really helped limit our running aground experiences... We are relieved to hear that we weren't elected "in absentia" I'm afraid that our meeting attendance would be abysmal! I'm sure that the weather is must be starting to turn around now. It is getting warmer down here, and we will probably be scorching hot soon. It is just about impossible to beat a Maine summer...

  2. From Bill Cass on Mar 29, 2013
    We're following along with you guys so you're not forgotten way up here in Portsmouth. I just discovered that I never did get your name tags to you before you headed south. Not that you have any need for them at the moment Brian, I offered to teach an AP class this winter, but there were no takers so we'll leave it until you get back. I am hearing some clamor for a Sail class though so will probably do that one. It's been a nasty winter here... Fair amount of snow, but 2 storms that dumped wet snow on partly thawed ground. I'm tired of it and sucking rocks into the snow blower. The Squadron's going along well, Change of Watch is a week away. Andy Glazier's taking over from me as Commander, and Nate Hazen is going to take over from him as Treasurer. All the rest are staying as is. I'm Assistant Education Officer and Membership Chair, and we convinced Karen Wendell to sign on as Meetings and Events Chair. Doyle is still Executive Officer. You'll be relieved to know we didn't elect either one of you to anything "in absentia". Well sail on in fair winds and smooth seas.... Thanks for the continuing saga. Looks like material for a book when you get back. Bill Cass