Dolphin Alert

  Wednesday, April 3, 2013 / Brian / Uncategorized  

In Georgetown the local hailing channel is 68 and occasionally cruisers will make announcements or ask questions of the anchorage on this channel. Recently there have been Dolphin Alert announcements because there is a pod of 3 dolphins that have been spotted regularly in the harbor. The rumor is that the dolphins are friendly and sometimes allow swimmers to approach closely. When we heard a dolphin alert on the radio in our area we headed up on deck to see how close to us the dolphin actually was.

The dolphin was slowly swimming circles around the boat anchored next to us. I quickly pulled out the snorkeling gear and Stephanie headed back down below to get the camera. Our friendly neighborhood dolphin seemed as curious about me as I was about him and he continued to swim circles approaching within a few feet of me.

After viewing each other eye to eye I began swimming back to Rode Trip and my new friend decided to follow me home. As the dolphin swam even closer Stephanie pulled out the underwater camera and handed it to me.

The dolphin stayed in the area for the next twenty minutes turning over in the water and scratching his back on the sand getting a good view of Rode Trip from every angle. I suspect that the dolphin was sleeping and enjoying the calm harbor water. It was finally time for me to get out of the water and head to town. The dolphin followed our dinghy all the way into town until the water got to shallow. It was exciting to have a "pet" dolphin for an hour.

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  1. From Anthony Baker on Apr 03, 2013
    Hi - Not sure if I introduced ourselves or not but have enjoyed the blog over my morning cup of coffee. My wife, S/V Magnolia are going to be member of the Bahamas Class of 13/14. We are wrapping up our work lives in the next couple of weeks and make the move from our condominium on the Potomac to Magnolia on the Chesapeake. We will head south in the fall! Again, enjoys the posts, if you get north this summer let us know or perhaps we will see you in the fall. Safe Travels Anthony & Annette (A**2)