Chumming for Sharks

  Thursday, May 9, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We'd quickly discovered that there were sharks at Double Breasted Cay the night that Matt and Brian cleaned their fish aboard Serendipity and two sharks arrived within minutes. We'd been warned there were many sharks in the Jumentos and Raggeds and had also been warned it was near mating season and so sharks would frequent shallower waters. This meant that all fishing excursions required a partner, that all bathing required a bucket, and that Matt and Jess kept very close tabs on Georgie's whereabouts. I went fishing with Brian; back into our usual routine of my keeping the dinghy close at hand while he hunted the waters. He'd seen a shark while fishing with Matt, the shark followed him for a bit until he scampered out of the water. Needless to say he was a bit wary. I don't blame him one bit! I never even go in the water! Brian directed me to his fishing spot and he swam shark-free for nearly an hour.

Then he speared a hog fish and when he returned for the second hog fish a shark had joined him. We moved to a new spot where he speared a rock hind. Having plenty for dinner, we returned to the boat.

Sure enough before Brian even got any fish scraps into the water, the neighborhood sharks had arrived.

They'd even brought a friend along.

Don't mess with our conchs! We're saving them for later.

Pose for identification. Hmmm, about 5-feet long possibly a blacktip reef shark.

And one final shark joined the crowd, much larger about 8-feet and brown in color, we think a lemon shark.