Excursion to Reach Falls

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It didn't take long for a group of 30-something cruisers to get together and organize an excursion. What better way to see Jamaica than by splitting the cost!? We did minimal research; chatted with locals and the marina to determine the most cost effective way to obtain transportation to/from the falls. When the time came to get on with the show, while sitting leisurely aboard Nila Girl until mid-morning, we hired Harry who conveniently showed up at the docks and told us he'd be back around 12:30pm to take us. We loaded ten people; Matt & Jessica (sv/Serendipity), Ren, Ashley, & Nick (sv/Nila Girl), and Piers, Jason, & Jimmy (sv/Tamarisk) into Harry's van along with a cooler filled to the brim with ice and beer.

We can always count on Ashley to bring snacks!

First viewpoint, Trident Castle.

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful blue hole that obtained its fame during a 170-foot dive made by Jacques Cousteau. The lagoon was also the location for filming the movie "The Blue Lagoon" starring a young Brooke Shields.

Ren and Ashley look right at home at the Blue Lagoon. Don't let their tourist clothes fool you, these all-star free divers would be at the bottom of that hole in a jiffy

Matt and Jessica strike a pose after Matt's taken a refreshing dip in the lagoon.

Piers shows us how to explore with style while Jason and Jimmy chat with the group.

We never miss a photo opportunity.

After our visit to the Blue Lagoon, another 20-minutes in the van brought us to Reach Falls.

We followed a paved road to a well maintained set of stairs leading us to the base of the falls.

I'll admit that I was not impressed with the 30-ish foot waterfall and lack of hiking. We did have a fun time scampering up and down the riverbed, though. We were led by a guide (for a tip) upstream about one mile. The stream had deep pools for swimming and the highlight was a cave that we could drop down into under the stream and swim out farther downstream. Brian ended the trial with a jump from the waterfall.

Thanks to Jason for taking and sharing this fabulous group photo; what a good looking bunch of cruisers!

We ended our excursion with a stop at Boston Beach where we sampled the "famous" jerk pork and jerk chicken served there. The meat was delish and very spicy! It was served with a side of festival bread; sort of bland, yet a tad sweet, fried bread sticks. Brian and I were also suckered into our first souvenir at Boston Beach, hand-made necklaces made from red coffee beans. Stylish!

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  1. From bahama mama on May 28, 2013
    looks amazing and glad to see you are still having FUN!!! xooxox