The Bermuda Perfumery

  Wednesday, July 10, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

A trip to the Bermuda Perfumery is a pleasant excursion. Located on Queen Street in St. George's, the perfumery welcomes visitors for an educational, olfactory experience.

Brian and I were welcomed at the front door by a friendly and knowledgable perfumery sales woman. She led us past the shop into a beautiful back room where our tour began.

We watched a brief video sharing the perfumery's history. Then we perused raw scents such as cedar, tonka beans, amber, and while sniffing the sales woman shared facts about the perfume making process. All of the oils used for Bermuda Perfumery scents are purchased from outside sources. The oiled are blended at the perfumery and then packaged on site. The perfumery, where all the magic happens.

The perfumery collects rain water in this holding tank. The water is not used for making perfume but rain is the source of the building's water supply.

After our tour, the sales woman gave us an introduction to each of the perfumery's fragrances. I can say this was quite refreshing compared to our usual smells...sweat, saltwater, and sunscreen.