Hamilton, Bermuda

  Friday, July 12, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We'd seen about all St. George's had to offer in about one day and were ready to stretch our explorations a bit farther. Brian and I made use of the very affordable, efficient bus system in Bermuda and hopped aboard for an excursion into the city of Hamilton. Compared to St. George's, Hamilton was quite the city!

The intent of this trip was to combine chores with sightseeing. Our first mission was to replace the vent fan for our composting toilet. Yup, fan number three bit the dust just as we'd arrived in Bermuda and neither our noses or our solids bucket will last long without it. (The circuit boards on these 60mm computer fans are getting salted and shorting out.) Fortunately, we found an electronic store that had exactly the fan we needed; we purchased three. Then we perused the city's hardware stores looking for a few items to be replaced that had been lost at sea during our passage. One of our reefing hooks broke off the boom, a stainless ring that we loop our snubber line through at the front of the bowsprit detached, and we wanted to add polypropylene line to our stores to use an anchor trip line in places like the Azores (our next destination). We had luck with all except new reefing hooks which we only found to be zinc plated, not stainless. Our chores gave us a good snapshot of Hamilton as we navigated the streets. The most beautiful staircase...leading to Victoria Park.

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (not somewhat holy, not extremely holy...)

On the outskirts of town, we took a stroll down Lover's Lane to find Paget Marsh.

This boardwalk is one of the last remnants of Bermuda's natural landscape. It is home to many birds and lizards. The information signs warned us to mind the Sawgrass along our way.

We were on our way back into Hamilton to catch the bus back to St. George's when we met our newest friend and Bermudian host, Sanders. Sanders was walking per his new daily exercise routine and took a moment to greet us, noting that we were tourists and looked a bit out of place at our current location. Sanders and his wife, Valerie, welcomed us into their home and we were tremendously appreciative of their hospitality and thankful to be in good company.