Kayaking Bermuda - Day 2

  Wednesday, July 24, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Our next kayaking excursion took us through the Intracoastal Waterway between St. George's Island and St. David's Island.

Beyond the swing bridge,

we found beautiful homes and quiet mooring fields.

Not to mention a great view of incoming air traffic as we paddled along the Bermuda International Airport.

Blue Hole Park was our destination. We beached the kayaks once we'd arrived at the park, located just beyond The Causeway at the edge of Castle Harbour. Here we saw the blue hole and it's inlet stream. After having visited Dean's Blue Hole and the Blue Lagoon, this was like a puddle in comparison, but quiet and relaxed.

Along the park pathways, we stumbled upon a grotto. There weren't any pink shrimp swimming here though. In fact, it was dark and buggy and smelled like decay.

Goodbye, park. It was nice getting our feet on the ground for a bit.

Brian took a snorkeling dip in Castle Harbour and we spotted 15 sea turtles on our paddle back.